Principal's Message

Every child is unique, and so are their learning needs. Education is the preparation of the children for their long journey thorough academic. This developing world needs to teach students how to learn for themselves, to understand and apply that learning in the context of this technological era. The methodology of education is changing day by day. So the educational institutions prepare the youngest for their journey according to the methodology of education and help them to mould themselves to address the challenges of the world.

The purpose of St.Mary’s school is to make the quality education. We practice our aim through the Gospel Values at integral development of the personality and have given the opportunities and facilities to develop physically, mentally, morally, spiritually and socially in a healthy and normal manner and under the conditions of freedom and dignity.

“Brains are built not born” therefore the phrase “use it or lose it”, can be applied to children’s brain in early childhood. Young children who come to St.Mary’s family are embarking on a voyage of schooling, with a sense of moral and social responsibility to become a useful member of the society. They are enriched in many ways and called out their inner hidden strengths and guiding them to a constructive path to live a fuller more rewarding life which is indeed a great person.

I am honored to be appointed, to my responsibility and to become the part of St.Mary’s convent school family and look forward to working with the dedicated staff and parents to provide the best possible educational experiences for our students and walk through the same path of our Founder Father Servant of God Fr.Varghese Payapilly and to radiate the compassionate love of Jesus to many. Jesus said, “Be compassionate just as your heavenly Father is compassionate”(Lk.6:36)

It is my sincere pleasure to join in continuing the rich history of academic excellence that St.Mary’s school has been known since 1958. His dear hand will lead me with my staff safely through all things and when we cannot stand, He will bear us in His sacred Heart. He will strengthen us to fulfill the great Mission which He has entrusted us to build up the Gospel Values in the students and to keep up the motto FOR GOD AND COUNTRY. May the Patron of St.Mary’s school, Mother Mary intercede for us that God will help us to find success in everything we do.

Sr. Salvy S.D.
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