List of activities (2023-24)
1 English Class Date
Poem Recitation I 8th May
Story Telling II 8th May
Humorous Poem III 8th May
Elocution IV 9th May
Advertising V 9th May
Role Play (Eng.Authors & Poets ) VI 9th May
Mono Act VII 10th May
Conversation VIII 10th May
Book Review IX 10th May
Interview X 11th May
Poetry Composition and Recitation XI 11th May
Declamation XII 11th May
Spell be (House Wise ) I-V 1st Sept
Calligraphy I-X 1st Sept
2 Life Skills
Creative Thinking I,II 1st & 2nd June
Overcoming Stage Fear III,IV 1st & 4th june
Communication Skills V,VI 27th -31th May
Mind- Map VII,VIII 28th & 29th May
New Era Career Options IX,X 1st Sept
Creative Thinking XI,XII 5th & 6th Sept
3 Information Technology Class Date
Name of the given Devices II 21st Aug
Cntrl Tree of Shortcut Keys III 21st Aug
Videography IX 21st Aug
Logo Making V 22nd Aug
Advertisement VII 22nd Aug
Calender Designing VIII 22nd Aug
Invitation Card Designing VI 23rd Aug
Keyboard Keys Name I 24th Aug
3D Painting III 24th Aug
Tux Paint IV 24th Aug
Meme Making X,XI,XII 23rd Aug
Vlog Making X,XI,XII 23rd Aug
4 Mathematics
MCQ I-X 10th July
Quiz I-IV 17th Oct
V-VIII 18th Oct
IX-XII 19th Oct
Dodging (term II) I
Clock Project II,III After Chapter
Model on 2D /3D shapes IV,V After Chapter
Presentation VI-X Throughout the Year
Brain Teaser I-X In Quiz
5 ECO(Science & S.Sc)
Model Making VI-X Easter Holidays
Role Play
Water Day 22nd March
Earth Day 22nd April
Environment Day 5th June
School Labs Visit I-II
Veg & Fruit(Chart/dress+explanation) III-IV 30th May
Recyclable material bag V & VI 31st May
CRI visit & Quiz VII & VIII 1st June
CRI visit & Quiz IX & X 1st June
Investigatory Projects XI & XII 2nd June
6 Talent Hunt I-X 27th March
7 Exhibition 7th July
8 Debate VIII-XII 5th July
9 Singing Competition
Solo 29th April
group 20th May
10 Dance Competition
Solo 5th April
Group 22nd July
11 Drawing Competition 3rd June
12 Extempore 1st Sept

1 Examinations
Periodic 1 April 17 - 24
First Term June 8- 17
Periodic 2 Sep- 11-16
Final Dec- 4- 16
Result Declaration Dec-22
2 Election Mar-03
Investiture Ceremony Mar-14
3 House Day Celebrations
St.Patrick Mar-17
St.Joseph May-01
St.Maria Jul-06
St.Therese Oct-01
4 Annual Function 2023
Nur- II Oct-14
III - VI Oct-28
VII - XII Nov-10
5 Subject Week
English May 8-12
Science May 29-June 3
Social Science July 10 - 15
Information Technology Augt 21- 26
Hindi Sep18-23
Sports Oct- 3- 7
Mathematics Oct16-21
6 Celebrations
Independence Day Aug-15
Teachers Day Sep-05
Principal's Day Sep-27
Diwali Nov-10
Children's Day Nov-14
Christmas Day Nov-29
7 Parent Teacher Meeting
First Mar-25
Second May-06
Third Jul-08
Fourth Sep-30
Fifth Nov-25
8 Chart Display (Before 5th )
House wise
March Class 12
April Class 10
May Class 9
June Class 8
July Class 7
August Class 6
September Class 5
October Class 4
November Class 3
December Class 11
9 Farewell - XII Dec-23
10 Special Assemblies
Women's Day Mar-08
World Forest Day Mar-21
Water Day Mar-22
World Theatre Day Mar-27
World Health Day Apr-07
Easter Apr-10
Dr.Ambedkar Jayanti Apr-14
Himachal Day Apr-15
Earth Day Apr-22
World Book Day Apr-23
Labour Day May-01
Mother's Day May-12
International Family Day May-15
Anti Tobacco Day May-31
Envirornment Day Jun-05
International Youth Day Aug-12
Mother Mary's B'Day Sep-08
World Literacy Day Sep-08
Hindi Diwas Sep-14
World Peace Day Sep-21
Gandhi Jayanti Oct-02
International Girl Child Day Oct-11
World Food Day Oct-16
Constitution Day Nov-26

कविता पाठ II, III 18/9/2023, 19/9/2023
सुलेख लेखन I 18/9/2023
चित्र वर्णन IV 19/9/2023
कहानी वाचन V 20/9/2023
नारा लेखन VII 21/9/2023
वाद- विवाद प्रतियोगिता IX 22/9/2023
संवाद (मंचन) IX 22/9/2023
दोहा पाठ VI 20/9/2023
कवि परिचय VII 21/9/2023
स्वरचित कविता X 22/9/2023
हास्य कविता X 22/9/2023
(कोलाज) VIII 21/9/2023
भाषण प्रतियोगिता VIII 21/9/2024